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An innovative First Step towards Polishing Process Automation – Airless Spray Gun System

Today Indian stainless steel industries as well as the industry related businesses are experiencing unprecedented growth. Associated sectors of the stainless steel industry are also developing and growing in a manner where they are forming independent competitive markets and recognized industries by themselves.

In this rapidly growing and competitive market SS processing industries are facing following

Problems related with the finish of the SS products

  • Availability of skilled labour for polishing of SS products
  • Maintaining consistency in the surface finish
  • Maintaining cleanliness at the shop floor
  • Health related issues of the operator because of the dust of the buffs and compounds
  • The life of buffing wheel
  • Wastage of polishing compound


And the Solution for all of above problem is migrating towards the polishing process automation, and the first step begins with the use of airless spray gun system.
Advantages of using the Airless Spray gun system along with liquid polishing compound for polishing process over the conventional method are as follows:


  • Saving of buffing time by 25% : This system comes with the automatic timer switch,by which you can adjust the time between two sprays. The operator does not have to stop buffing to apply bar compound and in case of mechanical bar applicator, the adjustment and regulation can be avoided which results in enhancement of productivity by at least 25%.
  • Cleaning Time saved by 35% : Liquid compounds are formulated with emulsified recipe and hence, are easy to clean. This results in saving 35% of cleaning time.
  • Life of buffing wheel increases by 10 to 20% and eliminates fire hazards : Presence of adequate amount of polishing compound at the point of contact ensures proper lubricity and results in appropriate temperature of polishing. The high velocity spray impregnates in the cloth of buff up to 1.5” depending upon the buff density. The buffing wheels can easily hold the liquid compound, and controlled and consistent spray of liquid compound on buffing wheel causes the low temperature contact operation, because of that life of buffing wheel increases by 10 to 20%. This results in reduced machine down time.
  • Saving of compound by 25% : The high velocity application penetrates the turbulence created by the rotating buff and the compound will not be thrown off as in the case with the low pressure system. When using solid compounds, small pieces of solid bars get wasted in every company. Using a spray gun eliminates this wastage.
  • Low cost of installation : Since the pressure of this system is generated inside the gun’s cylinder and piston the high pressure grade of pressure tank is not required which results in the low cost of installation and break even can be obtained within one year on installation depending upon the usage.
  • Very less dust formation : When this spray gun system along with liquid polishing compound is used with recommended buffing wheels, it significantly reduces dust generation. This means healthier working conditions when compared to conventional buffing.
  • Consistency in polishing quality : This controlled and high pressure compound application system helps keeping the consistent nozzle spraying pattern which result in consistent polishing quality.
  • System dependency, not individual dependency : This step towards automation will increase the dependency over a system not on an individual which will solve the problem of availability of skilled labour.
  • This system can also be used in manual polishing operation.