Osborn Wide Face brushes provide consistent, accurate surface finish control for metal processing tasks like annealing, galvanizing, scrubbing, pickling, coil coating, and many other applications. They are custom built to your specifications and can be made with steel, stainless steel, ATB™ abrasive nylon, polypro, brass, and many other fill materials.

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  • Helimaster® Brush Rolls

    Helimaster® brush rolls are only one example for Osborn's special wide-face brush rollers. For usage in the metals processing technology Osborn also manufacturers a wide range of other high-performance brush rolls, non-woven rolls, complete brush roll systems as well as brushing machines.
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  • Customer Assembly Brush Roll Systems (Type CA)

    We can provide cassettes in fully-automatic interally-welded spiral constructions or constructions assembled on one-way tube bodies as well single discs or loose spirals for older systems. In order to individually adapt these to existing shaft constructions. they are additionally procided with one-was adapters, if required. Therefore we can supply the right cassette for almost any shaft.
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  • MultiZack® System

    The Multizack® has significant cost savings over spiral wound brushes. Replace only worn brush segments, not the entire brush. Reduces inventories and minimizes storage. Even in extreme applications, MultiZack®-Brushes have a long life-time. The brush body (PP with a high percentage of fibre glass) is manufactured using injection die molding technique. The quality is constantly monitored. The body is dimensionally stable, acid-/alkali-resistant and food safe.
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