Polishing mops have now been superseded by a lot of new, cleaner finishing processes that does not mean they have been removed completely.  Below each polishing mop is described, starting from the most aggressive moving to the finest.

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  • High Gloss Finishing

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  • Polishing

    The Osborn Meter Buff is a larger version of our Airway, Pleated, and Conventional buff lines. We use the same high-quality fabrics and treatments in all our products to keep your process running smoothly.

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  • Aggressive Pre-Polishing Mops

    Sisal circles are placed on top of each other and are sewn in to a mop. The warp and weft threads of the sisal web are at a 90° angle to the outside diameter. Cloth layers can be added to one side or to both sides or placed in between the sisal layers.
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