Sustainability, Environment and Energy

Osborn's company policy makes clear our commitment to environmental and health protection as well as the improvement of energy consumption above and beyond the legal requirements.

With this goal in mind, we have introduced the energy management system ISO 45001: 2018 and integrated it into the existing quality management system, ISO 14001: 2015 In the context of our ongoing improvement process, we continuously monitor, develop and optimize the system internally.

What is the advantage of a systematic energy management system?

We can continuously optimize the energy efficiency of the company, because the system determines where energy savings are and how we can use them consistently. In addition, our efforts promote and demand awareness within the workforce. Each individual can make a contribution to the energy targets.

This in turn reduces operating costs and increases competitiveness. Total operational energy consumption (including that used for the production of our goods) and the consumption of raw materials and additives improves significantly. As a result, sustainable, environmentally conscious action becomes a part of our daily business – which makes us and the environment happy.

Sustainability & Environment Promises from Osborn– working for more responsible, balanced and sustainable future.

Sustainability is one of today’s important factor while working as industry. With massive sustainability & environment protection & safety commitments and huge public interest, Osborn has already find & finding ways to operate in a responsible manner but sustainability is everything to us. For decades Osborn have been working on sustainability solutions and environment contribution. As a result, we are perfectly placed to help and be kinder to the environment, have a positive impact on society and achieve greater economic sustainability. We can prove you by showing our achievements towards it:

  • We are more environmentally responsible: we practice a comprehensive range of testing, verification, certification, consulting and training . For example, we verify our CO2 emissions . We are also audit and certify our environmental management systems and train our staff on how to implement and report them.
  • Ensure sustainable facility and production: Our plant of Aurangabad has all the devotion towards practices for sustainability, you can experience it by having tour to our dense forest
  • 100% rainwater harvesting
  • Sewage Water recycling
  • Rooftop solar Plant which generate 1/3 of consumed electricity.
  • Develop a better working or social environment: our audits, reporting and support services helps us with everything from supply chain management and social responsibility to traceability.

As the world’s leading Surface finishing solution manufacturing company, we offer you tour of unrivalled experience, expertise and a global reach in terms of sustainability & environment & continues our promise of contribution towards better future…………