Power Brushes

The unique capabilities of power brushes can provide solutions to many challenging production problems. Osborn engineers are a valuable resource to help optimize your process with power brushes — simply contact us to arrange for a free consultation.

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  • Premuim Brushes-ATB

    ATB (Advanced Technology Brushes) filaments work like independent flexible files conforming to part contours while abrading edges and surfaces. ATB abrasive tools produce rapid, repeatable results, which decrease process costs and create a cleaner, more efficient, working environment.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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  • Plastic Bonded Brushes

    Plastic bonded Circular brushes are made of crimped steel wire containing elastic plastic mass. The wire tips only protrude slightly over the plastic mass.

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  • Knotted Wire Brushes

    Standard Knotted Twist Wheel Brushes feature knots that are twisted approximately 75% of the length of the trim. The loosely twisted knots cover a larger surface area and are ideal for heavy-duty Cleaning and surface conditioning. Ideal for weld cleaning, Weld spatter removal, scale removal, cleaning, Deburring, and flash Removal. Designed for root and hot pass weld cleaning in pipe joining applications.

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  • Crimped Wire Brushes

    Ideal for roughening, deburring, removing lacquer, descaling, depolishing and cleaning.MONITOR® wheel brushes (narrow face width) are particularly suitable for jobs where the area to be brushed is narrow, or the surface or edge not straight or flat. For wider surfaces the brushes can bemounted in multiple.MATIC® (medium face width) and MASTER-WHEEL® (wide face width) wheel brushes are best for brushing partswith large surfaces.
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