Practical Solutions for Polishing
More than just products - SOLUTIONS.

At Osborn, we recognize your challenges are complex and diverse. No matter the issues you face, we supply the proper solution for your specific requirements. From large metal parts to intricate plastic extrusions, we engineer the recommendation for your needs—no matter the type of material you are polishing.

We listen and then collaborate.

We solve polishing problems on products ranging from aluminum wheels and cookware to musical instruments and plumbing parts. With experience and capabilities that are second-to-none, we always recommend the right product for the job. The combination of experience and commitment to quality gives us a competitive edge - an edge we leverage to support our customers. The JacksonLea family of products is the broadest offering in the industry. Period.

Experience the Osborn difference.

If we don’t already offer the polishing products your application requires, we will custom-manufacture them to meet your exact requirements. That goes for both our buffing cloths and our polishing compounds.

Compare our products to the ones you’re now using. We consistantly outperform others in both results and productivity.

Featured Highlights

Pleated Buffs

Our pleated buff variations are countless and their versatility is the reason they are one of the most widely used JacksonLea buff products. We offer two types of pleated buff constructions:

SEW PLEAT buffs have a soft buff face with excellent flexibility. These buffs are ideal for mush buffing highly complex and contoured parts.

HOT PLEAT buffs have a hard/firm face with some flexibility. These buffs are effective tools for contact buffing and provide excellent cut, often replacing sisal buffs.