Every day we encounter new opportunities to deliver value to our customers. Our ongoing investment and emphasis in Research and Development assures optimal thinking to help create cutting-edge solutions.

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As we continuously examine and improve the quality, safety and performance of our products as well as develop new solutions, we have invested heavily into high-tech laboratories at the facilities in Burgwald/Germany and Richmond/Indiana, USA. These labs operate as international test and competence centers within the corporate group. At both sites the lab facilitates a state-of –the-art industrial robot cell, specifically developed for us that carries out a wide variety of product performance and quality tests.

In case of surface finishing tools such as technical brushes or polishing buffs, specialist hi-end users are primarily interested in the performance data, i.e. how long the products can be used before they show signs of wear. But also other characteristics of a brush or polishing tool can be examined in detail within the framework of the complicated test procedure.

The correct speed and contact pressure of the tool against the workpiece, the working angle between part and tool, the thermal impact in the processed part, the noise level, etc. can be of importance when it comes to achieving excellent working results.

Apart from examining product quality, this also enables us to provide users with optimum work instructions for correct handling and application for any of our products and hence make sure that our solutions meet customer specific requests and expectations.