“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” (Andy Warhol)

This is why passion for innovation is so important and anything else is mere idleness. Therefore we constantly strive each day to make your work better, faster and more professional. We do this not only by testing and updating existing products regarding their quality and performance but also by researching on new products and application solutions.

One way to achieve this is our testing lab with our robot. Another one is to explore alternative innovative testing possibilities. Our newly developed testrig for professional cleaning brushes is one example. 100% developed by our own engineers, we are able to test the performance of our cleaning brushes on various surface conditions. The data and knowledge gathered by it help us to create new brushes which will for example be less noisy, have a longer service life or which will swirl up less dust. For our customers in the municipal professional cleaning business these features are of utmost importance.

Another example of our constant striving for new innovative products is the Osborn Broomate, a product developed by us for the industrial and farming industry, but also for waste management and recycling businesses. Only recently we received a gold medal award at a large agricultural fair in Brno (Czech Republic) by the re-known magazine “Zemedelský Týdeník” for our innovation.

On a second level innovation, boasts state of the art production facilities. Just in time delivery of raw materials, quick reaction time on incoming requests and maximum flexibility for producing different products with only short changeover times at the production lines are some of the topics we emphasize.

All in all, innovation for us means; striving forward in all areas and starting with fresh ideas every day instead of waiting for time to change things.